Myofunctional Therapy and OrthodonticsMyofunctional Therapy and Orthodontics

    Occlusion, Muscles, Posture, and Therapy for Postural Rebalancing

    Sabina Saccomanno

    Volume 21 x 29.7 cm - Hardcover - Pages 264 - Richly illustrated in colour

    ISBN 978-88-7051-629-6

    A real understanding of the patient’s problems, leading to the preparation of an effective care plan, requires an attitude centred on a comprehensive approach: on this basis, the work examines the correlations between orofacial functions, occlusion, and posture in order to better understand what the correct diagnostic and therapeutic approach is to address problems of various natures and severities. Myofunctional therapy used in the treatment of the so-called myofunctional disorders, or abnormalities of the mobility and tone of the orofacial musculature. For this reason, in addition to orthodontic treatment emphasis is given to the use of speech therapy, otolaryngology, posturology, and osteopathy. The discussion also focuses on issues including various specific diseases or syndromes (secretory otitis media, obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, Down syndrome, etc.), which are not obviously related to orthodontic problems, but which a cranio-facial specialist needs to know in order to achieve a multidisciplinary and holistic approach suitable for complex clinical problems. The work is completed by accompanying multimedia presenting the speech therapy exercises and by a clinical diary available to be given to younger patients.

    In the web area dedicated to the volume – the video The gymnasium of my mouth shows and explains myofunctional therapy exercises.

    Potential readers - Dentists, orthodontists, speech therapists.

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